8 Carat Gold Heart Ring

Gold ring made from 8 carat gold string - shaped with a heart. Light to wear and almost becomes a natural part of the finger. 

Pick Earrings 

Earrings made from Sterling silver. One stud shaped as a little triangle with a bigger triangular piece with a diamond shaped bevel, for the backside of the earlobe. Single diamond shaped stud for the other ear.

Slingshot & Shooting Stones

One of its kind project. Wooden slingshot with elastic band and four beads - bone, mint, coral and pearl. The perfect hidden pocket jewellery.


Bone Coloured Plexiglass & Faux Pearls Earring 

One of its kind project. Hand cut bone coloured plexiglass poked with brass needles and faux pearls. Ear stud on top part.

Geo Form No.1  Sterling Silver & Brass Earrings

Two small triangles fused into one with sterling silver and brass. Can also be made with 8 carat gold.

Wooden Blocks In The Nude Wall Hangers

One of its kind project. Five wooden blocks with top parts painted in pale nudes, meant as wall hangers.


Silver Heart Ring

Heart ring made from Sterling silver string.

Bone Tag Necklace

Recycled bone pieces with long oxidized chain. 

Pleated Paper Garland

One of its kind project. Garland made from folded water colour paper with water paintings and fashion magazine headings pleated and fastened onto a cotton string.